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Backend/Data Engineer @ Spotify


Web3 @ Spotify

As web3 adoption spread across the world, after getting hands on on web3 during my free time, I transitioned into a team that was exploring using blockchain technology to build new business models.

I co-led the team that built artist NFTs showcase and token-enabled playlists.

As part of this role, I worked very closely with the product leads, several internal stakeholders from legal and accounting to partnerships, and external partners.

The team was composed of iOS, Android, Backend and Data engineers, along with designers and product managers. Most of them were new to web3. I was responsible for the technical direction of the team, and for the technical design of the products we were building.


I joined a fairly new team that had room to enhance its structure, including rituals, clear direction, effective workflows, and a dedicated tech owner.

Recognizing the opportunity, I enthusiastically I took over that role and helped the team to build a strong culture towards shipping products, being pragmatic and most importantly learning from our mistakes, given most people were new to the space.

I did that by setting up different rituals, like classic scrum meetings, but also more specific ones like a weekly tech meeting, where we would discuss technical topics.

In addition to that, I also hosted several pair programming sessions with engineers that were out of my discipline (iOS and Android), that not only helped me to learn more about their stack, but also helped the team to build a stronger bond.

Last but not least, I also drove conversations with the rest of the company to make sure we were aligned from a legal/financial perspective.

The team was able to ship two products in less than a year, and we were able to learn a lot about the space. We were able to build a strong foundation for the future of web3 at Spotify.