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Senior Engineer @ Spotify


New Business Models

I had the privilege to co-lead the product and tech strategy of new monetization opportunities at Spotify.

I was the tech partner of the product leads, which means I was in charge of reporting tech feasibility, as well as the product strategy and roadmap.

For this, I have worked closely with designers, product managers and engineers to define the strategy and roadmap.

The team was composed of iOS, Android, Backend, Data and Machine Learning engineers, along with designers and product managers.


The team had been going through some twists and turns, and I hopped on board to help steer us in a new direction when things were all up in the air.

To sort out our game plan, I teamed up real close with the product leads to define the strategy and roadmap, and focused on what we could do in the short term to get the team aligned and moving in the right direction, rather than focusing on the unknowns. As the team brainstormed and built the scaffolding, we were able to get more clarity on the direction we wanted to take in the long run.

As a result, within weeks the team was able to deliver a test to a small subset of internal users, including senior leadership. The project is still being built.